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                        56th ANNUAL MT. SAC RELAYS                        
                "Where the world's best athletes compete"                 
    Hilmer Lodge Stadium, Walnut, California  - 4/17/2014 to 4/19/2014    
Event 514  Men Hammer Throw Open Masters
 Meet Record: $ 53.64m  4/20/2013   Larry Hart, Unattached                
 HS Meet Rec: # 53.64m  4/20/2013   Larry Hart, Unattached                
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Joaquin Gomez                Argentina               71.96m$    236-01
      68.51m  71.42m  FOUL  71.96m  FOUL  71.31m                          
  2 Juan Cruz-Romero             Argentina               61.91m$    203-01
      60.31m  61.53m  FOUL  61.91m  FOUL  FOUL                            
  3 Larry Hart                   Unattached              52.84m     173-04
      52.13m  FOUL  FOUL  52.84m  FOUL  50.97m                            
  4 John Ryer                    AZ Desert Throwers      48.10m     157-10
      48.10m  FOUL  45.69m  FOUL  47.60m  FOUL                            
  5 Michael Venning              Unattached              47.04m     154-04
      45.94m  47.04m  45.66m  46.08m  46.96m  FOUL                        
  6 David Bickel                 AZ Desert Throwers      45.32m     148-08
      41.41m  FOUL  44.08m  FOUL  45.32m  44.73m                          
  7 Richard Watson               Arizona Dese            37.85m     124-02
      FOUL  36.35m  37.37m  37.16m  37.85m  37.48m                        
  8 Jerry Harwood                Unattached              28.80m      94-06
      26.93m  27.45m  25.75m  28.80m  28.70m  FOUL